Meet the Team

Nancy and Karen

Leesa Poag–Artist

Cindy Gilley–Creativity Consultant

Once upon a time, there was a workshop presenter who sparked the imagination of a classroom teacher. They realized their differences were many. Karen, the workshop presenter, and educator resides in Tennessee while Nancy, the second-grade teacher, hails from Alabama. Nancy is an honor graduate (in Early Childhood Education) from the University of Alabama while Karen is an Auburn University alumna (Elementary Education and Educational Media) as well as a graduate of East Tennessee State University with a Master’s degree in Reading and Storytelling. This unlikely duo soon overcame their obstacles and became friends and collaborators. They combined their 60+ years of teaching experience in many different elementary schools to develop an engaging, effective, and practical reading program. They put the FUN back in reading fundamentals.

It is with great pride that they offer to you the innovative Comprehension Kids Program in the hope that all readers may live happily ever after.